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  • Know the location of every piece of equipment in your fleet 24/7/365.
  • Receive service reminders based on engine hours.
  • Use one map to assess the location of your entire fleet.
  • Set up multiple geographic zones (geozones) and receive alerts if any of your equipment enters or exits these zones.
  • Gain logistics and security in a single step.

Size 3.875″ x 2.25″ x 1″

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  • Internal battery powered (battery lasts 12 months with daily reporting)
  • Cannot be disabled by cutting wires
  • Waterproof – can be externally mounted
  • Simple to use (we set it all up for you)
  • Simple installation (multiple installation options)
  • Economical

No GPS signal? No problem!

  • A GPS tracker inside a metal building can’t get GPS. No problem with VQAM!
  • When GPS is unavailable, VQAM uses cellular trilateration to yield the approximate location of your equipment.

Simple installation:

  • About the size of a small deck of cards, the device can conveniently be installed wired to 12v or 24v anywhere on your equipment for continual charging.
  • Connect to the ignition to monitor engine hours and receive service reminders.


  • There are two main benefits for construction companies to track their equipment: Logistics and Security.
  • According to the National Crime Information Bureau, as much as $1 billion of equipment is stolen each year and the recovery rate is less than 20% without GPS Tracking.
  • Don’t let your company become a statistic! Secure yourself with GPS Tracking by Viatrax Automation.
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